Quick Tip – Compiling Bootstrap with SimpLESS

Many people must have already been aware of this problem/solution, but for those who don’t know, read on to know more.

Bootstrap has been a popular set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for front-end development. The problem many developers face is that once too many people start to use Bootstrap, many sites start to look the same. So many start to look into CSS to customize the look and feel. The CSS portion is based on LESS. So SimpLESS is a default choice for many Windows users to compile LESS to CSS. SimpLESS doesn’t come with less frequent update (compare with LESS), therefore, compile errors (syntax error) often occur.

To fix it is rather easy:

1. download the latest version of LESS from the official website: http://lesscss.org/

2. go to C:\Program Files\SimpLESS\Resources\js (or where you have installed SimpLESS, replace less.js with the one you just downloaded

3. now if you try to close and open SimpLESS again and try to compile Bootstrap LESS CSS, it should be working :)

Hope this helps <3

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7 Responses to Quick Tip – Compiling Bootstrap with SimpLESS

  1. For Windows users I would recommend WinLess rather than SimpLESS. It has a wider support for more advanced LESS functionality. Anyway your solution works with WinLess as well. Lovely! ♥ Thanks.

  2. I feel very interesting and useful, admire your talent. I will continue to focus on your article and look forward to new works.

  3. Towards Windows consumers I would suggest Win Less as an alternative to Gimp LESS. It has just a wider help to more complex Fewer functionality. Anyways one’s remedy collaborates Win Less at the same time. Stunning! ♥ Than Kyoto.

  4. Abu Fateh says:

    I’m a little jealous of all the beginners who have found this resource and are taking advantage of it. A very informative and interesting blog. Thanks so much for these wonderful sharing.

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  6. andrew says:

    great tips, im starting with bootstrap and with lesscss im a little more advanced in my goal !

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