JavaScript Pattern Collection

As a self-reference, I have been collecting JavaScript patterns and antipatterns from all over the web and books. I have put some up to github, this is a growing collection. Here is the list of categories: function patterns, jQuery patterns, design patterns, general patterns, literals and constructor patterns (upcoming), object creation patterns (upcoming), code reuse patterns (upcoming), DOM and browser patterns (upcoming).

The github page is at:

It’s not a book or anything, just code collection (though some code comment might be added later for readability purpose). It’s taken from patterns explained by @stoyanstefanov, @paul_irish, @ded, @mathias, @addyosmani, Douglas Crockford and many more.

There are always new patterns coming out, so if you got any idea of adding a new pattern, feel free to request it at: or ping me at @shichuan.

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6 Responses to JavaScript Pattern Collection

  1. Michael says:

    holy cow. you rule!!

  2. Ed Moore says:

    Hey that’s awesome dude.

  3. superdry says:

    JavaScript is difficult for me!

  4. Dan Nye says:

    There’s a small typo in the first paragraph: “aitnpatterns”

  5. Shi Chuan says:

    @Dan Nye: it’s corrected, thanks for pointing it out :)

  6. says:

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