Install Traceroute and Run trace route on Ubuntu

This article teaches you how to install Traceroute and run trace route tracert on Ubuntu.

To install Traceroute on Debian based Linux (such as Debian or Ubuntu) you will usually need to install the traceroute package, in your terminal, run:

sudo apt-get install traceroute

You can then perform a traceroute from the terminal by typing:


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4 Responses to Install Traceroute and Run trace route on Ubuntu

  1. Newbie says:

    Forgive me for a noob question, but I am on day two of using Ubuntu, and I ask noob questions lol. I installed traceroute, but every line past my router is showing up as * * *. Is there a particular port that I need to open on the router to allow this information to show in the terminal?

  2. Derak says:

    Most home routers are setup to reject all ping(ICMP) packets.
    You’ll need to turn that feature off in any device or computer firewalls between you and the internet.

  3. curious says:

    can anyone show me how to compile traceroute package??? because i am not previleged enough to make sudo.


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