Use Bonjour to Chat on Ubuntu

To use Apple’s Bonjour to chat on Ubuntu is easy. Ubuntu’s build-in Internet application Pidgin can connect you to other Bonjour user.



To launch the application, from the top of your menu bar of your desktop, go to: go to Applications -> Internet -> Pidgin Internet Messenger

Pidgin Screenshot

Pidgin Screenshot

An icon like the one in the picture below will appear near the top right corner of your desktop, click on the icon (similar to the one in the image below) to launch the application:

Pidgin Screenshot 2

Pidgin Screenshot 2

Click on Accounts->Manage Accounts to add your Bonjour account:

Pidgin Screenshot 3

Pidgin Screenshot 3

Click on Add button, you will see the following screen, from the drop-down menu, choose Bonjour:

Bonjour Screenshot

Bonjour Screenshot

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5 Responses to Use Bonjour to Chat on Ubuntu

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  2. Taryn East says:

    …and then what?
    I seem to be able to get to this stage, but I don’t know what account to put in and so I can’t see anybody else on the network – or at least can’t see the people that I know are there. I’m also not sure how I search for the people that I know are on the network.
    Are you able to tell me what the nest couple of steps are?

    Cheers and thanks,

  3. Jamaica says:

    Interesting topic.
    This could really stand to be updated.

    The security issues of Pidgin’s unencrypted password begs another choice…
    and a discussion of how transparent this is to accomplish.

    Whether you can securely chat on the same network via wifi without broadcasting the machine names.

  4. Jason says:

    you can put whatever name in there you want. It connects to an inner LAN, so anyone connected to it you will be able to see, so you will not need to search for anyone. You just need the bonjour service installed on your computer and be connected to a LAN.

  5. Lance says:

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