iOS4.3 vs Android 2.3

Today, after 6 months of the release of Gingerbread, HTC comes out with the update! After the update from 2.2 Froyo to 2.3 Gingerbread, I ran a quick test using Modernizr test suite, here is the result:

Like Firtman pointed out 6 month back following the test on an emulator, the result was disappointing. Some of the HTML5 features are still not there as promised, especially those related to Device Access, Connectivity and Performance, it’s lack of:

Device Access (DeviceMotionEvent and DeviceOrientationEvent)
Web Workers
Certain Web Forms features

Compare to the result of iOS4.3

It seems iOS has a much more complete set of HTML5 support, except Web Workers, IndexedDB and certain Web Forms features.

It’s not to say that iOS doesn’t have its own problems, but Android has a lot to do to catch up. It is strange to me that if Android browser runs on V8 engine, why it doesn’t have support for so many HTML5 features that are important to mobile web?

These days people keep arguing about Native vs Web on mobile, it’s not even a fair game in the first place. A lot big OS makers like Android simply play down on mobile web, mobile web is still living in the dark age under the shadow such OS makers. And even if they make changes now, immediately, it’s gonna take at least another 6 months to a year for device makers to upgrade the software.

It’s funny people criticize Apple just because it’s successful, the underdogs don’t seem to do any better. (update: Android is no longer underdog, since May 2011, their market share surpassed iOS)

A follow up post with more details on Android here: An Inconvenient Truth – Android and the Open Mobile Web

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7 Responses to iOS4.3 vs Android 2.3

  1. Andrew Jones says:

    It seems odd Android’s browser is more advanced, considering how Chrome has been pushing HTML5 features, and how important the browser is to Google.

  2. Mike says:


  3. GreLI says:

    While SVG allows to draw charts in iOS, Android needs to use burdensome and non-native (no touch scroll, etc) Flash to do this. So, lack of SVG puts Android very behind.

  4. Shi Chuan says:

    @Mike: thanks for pointing it out, it seems since May 2011, Android browser surpassed iOS,

  5. Chris Saari says:

    Android 3.1 has some improvements in CSS3 support, but still doesn’t perform as well as iOS

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